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Aug 23, 2013 7:00pm EDT
rules of congress. not just obama, but all presidents. cherry picking about who is the bad person and who is not is so suspicious. -- thoser those of its of us who have been in the business for some time, this is not the first time residential travel has been the focus of groups. stories about kennebunkport. why did bill clinton always go to martha's vineyard? priceey paying a proper for the houses they rent? these issues of been explored in every administration i have seen in washington since the 1980's. >> we will take one or two more calls, and then wrap things up with our guest. these -- caller: lobbyists, i think they ought to be outlawed. is just bribery, if you think about it. it is just bribery, paying off the politicians, putting money in their pockets for what their goal is, not the people's goal. that is what i have to say. host: is there any aspect of this we have not talked about that you want to bring up, anything else we should know? guest: not really. i think it has been good to hear the opinions of people in the real world about this, and about the presidential st
Aug 11, 2013 9:30pm EDT
, president obama has the data some folks -- castigated some folks that they did not build their business on their own. i was backstage and i watched one after another of people of ll races and men and women come forward, business people and talk about how they built their business. but not one time did we seized -- see somebody talking about working for the man or woman who built the business and how that helped them and their amilies. we need to be able to communicate to the folks that hold the jobs and tell them and put a platform together that focuses on them. not everybody in america wants a business and money is everything to them. a lot of folks want to spend time with their families. work in community groups. spend time at their church. we, as republicans, believe that is a good thing. we do not talk about it. and we do not talk to them. it is to take a page out of our book and start putting forth an agenda of ideas to raise up folks who want to vote for us. you saw the last election. they did not want to vote for president obama. but at least he went and talked to them and about
Aug 18, 2013 9:30pm EDT
for president of the united states. she campaigned for for barack obama and joe biden, and presidentminated by elect obama to be secretary of state. any of us have lived to see a woman achieve a and a womanof goals who has done more for all of us than secretary hillary rodham clinton. with that, i give this award to hillary rodham clinton, and it is going to be accepted. [applause] in 2007 i was honored to serve as hillary clinton's campaign director. her at a family met campaign event in may of that year. hillary clinton as portrayed in media events, i was not prepared for her warm and authenticity. greetings, sheg looked at her son and looked back at me to ask, how is your health care? you it cover everything need? i am not sure i can explain the th her beacon of light provided. me, for ournt, for family, for our son, hillary clinton embodied hope, and in our brief conversation, she showed me what makes her the best public servant i believe our country has ever known. topic, same-sex marriage, veterans rights, voters rights, workers right, and much more, hillary clinton understands our co
Aug 5, 2013 12:30am EDT
edith roosevelt to michelle obama. >> a town hall meeting was recently hosted in chicago. several member of the congressional black caucus share stories. members of congress participating in the event, bobby rush, danny david. congresswoman sheila jackson-lee of texas. two is a little less than hours. >> good evening. thank you all for coming this evening on this friday night in chicago. how are you? you have a member -- a battle? we welcome you to the town hall of the national summit on urban violence here in chicago state university. first i would like to introduce dr. wayne watson to give you some greetings and welcome you to the university. [applause] >> good evening. we can never acknowledge and thank those who have the courage to have vision and the courage to bring it forth, we can never acknowledge and thank them too much. our congressional black caucus, let us applaud and acknowledge them. [applause] by mother used to always say, let me smell the roses while i am here. you know, two things. one, a question was asked earlier, what are we going to do? are we going to come up with
Aug 19, 2013 12:30am EDT
-old young man. those are just differences and when it comes to social programs. what will obama care brain when it comes to response? somesure there will be more honorable citizens. have think tanks about how we can leverage dollars so we can be more responsive to , ise in our own community think that would help. we know what we is talking about, hpp hospital system preparedness? >> program, yes. we have a senior advisor and chief of all the health or parrot nest at the national association of county and city health officials. one of his duties is to thesethen the response to -- duties. professional in new york. we are pleased to have you join us. >> thank you. i want to thank the alliance for the invitation in today's briefing. i would like to start my remarks with a more personal nature. these represent bitter months. four weeks from now we will as a milestone the 9/11.rsary of deployed fromng my home in rochester, and as i came to new york city, saw the billowing smoke in the air, and and thelower manhattan debris of the trade center towers that had collapsed only moments before. i was
Aug 4, 2013 9:30pm EDT
, when lify, you it comes to obama care and these other things, they're not going through on them. but in the midst of chaos, it de facto nullification. that's what's happening in detroit. there's no government. and the biggest risk is how thuggish will they get? speaking out can become very dangerous. laws on we write purpose and there's a lot of demagoguing going on to protect individuals because all of the politicians want truth. they want -- they want us to about government so they write these strict laws hat say oh, if you're a whistleblower and telling the people the truth, then, you know, we'll protect you. yeah, sure. you do that and they charge you with treason. his reminds me in a dictatorship, truth is treason. with an empire of lies. big empire, the government, only held together by lies. hese revolutions, whether it's bradley manning or snowden, they haven't hurt us. anyone.ven't really hurt but they hurt the bureaucrat. they hurt the politician. they embarrassed them. on every o say we spy country in the world, all of our friends, all of our trading partners? we spy
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6